Special Education

About the Program:

The master's in Special Education program falls within the modern global trends that aim to prepare technical cadre capable of accommodating children with special needs within the framework of general education, which complies with inclusive education.


Students are admitted into the program based on meeting the relevant criteria. To obtain a master's degree in special education, the student must successfully complete (36) credit hours.


Developing a qualified cadre; increasing the scientific, professional, and research efficiency of educational institutions that serve people with disabilities (PWD); improving the performance of teachers and specialists; and providing the necessary guidance services for them to develop special education institutions in the local community, make educational progress, and work to advance educational institutions in an integrated manner.

Program Objectives:

The Program seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Qualify human cadres capable of building a practical application of the special education methodology, managing and developing educational institutions, and developing sound educational policies, in light of regional and global changes.
  2. Contribute to the development of special education, and develop field practices in technical, administrative and practical aspects.
  3. Apply modern methods based on modern theories in teaching PWD within the policies of inclusive education.
  4. Train graduates to conduct comparative studies in special education, and use these studies to develop services provided by Palestinian educational to PWD.
  5. Provide students with necessary competencies in the principles and processes on which all special education is based, and identify the problems they face and find appropriate solutions to them.
  6. Develop the graduates' scientific research skills and help them build scientific educational plans and reports.
  7. Develop the educational and therapeutic skills of students; introduce them to different educational methods and strategies in special education to deal with PWD.
Prospective Employment

Graduates of this program can occupy many positions at senior, middle and executive levels at the following institutions:

  1. Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
  2. Ministry of Social Development.
  3. Ministry of Health.
  4. Ministry of Labor.
  5. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).
  6. International societies (the Red Crescent, the Red Cross, UNICEF, and UNESCO).
  7. Special Education Centers.
  8. Establishing a private Center for special education.