Marketing And Agricultural Extension

This specialization was launched in response to an urgent need in the local market for Marketing and Agricultural Extension experts who are academically educated and practically trained to manage and implement agricultural projects in order to serve the local and regional community.

This specialization comes in line with the university's philosophy of expanding its programs and offering new specializations, which open new horizons for high school students and those from other specializations wishing to benefit from this new specialization.

Developing human cadres in marketing and agricultural extension who are scientifically and technically trained and capable of keeping up with current scientific and technical developments in marketing and agricultural extension.

General objectives
  1. Attracting the attention of private and public sector decision makers to the significance of this new specialty in our Palestinian academic institutions.
  2. Providing specialized competences to the labor market and target groups of investors and producers in the agricultural sector, both plant and animal, in order to contribute to the agricultural industry's development in its many sectors.
  3. Providing high-quality specializations and educational and rehabilitation programs that keep up with global developments in the field of marketing and agricultural extension sciences, as well as the most up-to-date agricultural technologies, in order to make a qualitative leap in marketing and agricultural extension services for target groups.
  4. Enhancing the university's instructional, applied, and agricultural research environment through encouraging scientific research in the disciplines of marketing and agricultural extension.
  5. Providing assistance to the local community though agricultural training and awareness using the most up-to-date methods and practices.
Specific Objectives
  1. Qualifying graduates with a specialization that contains two important fields in the agricultural sector (marketing and extension) and supplying the local market with them.
  2. Increasing graduates' ability to apply the essential techniques, tools, equipment, systems, and technology in the domains of marketing and agricultural extension, so that they may work creatively on their own projects or in relevant organizations.
  3. Providing the relevant agricultural institutions and projects with supportive specialized cadres as well as providing the grounds and means for these institutions' success.
  4. Providing the graduate with the knowledge and skills to make appropriate administrative and technical choices based on scientific and methodical principles.
Relationship with the mission of the Faculty

The mission of this specialization is linked to the mission of the Faculty, which is to prepare human cadres with practical, technical, and administrative competencies capable of competing in the labor market through educational and training programs that follow open education best practices.

Prospective Employment Opportunities
  1. Working in government ministries and agencies such as the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of National Economy.
  2. Working in local and international non-governmental organizations such as the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, MA'AN Development Center, Agricultural Relief Committee, and The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  3. Working in agricultural companies
  4. Working in the fields of agricultural marketing in supermarkets and packaging and export companies.
  5. Working as an agricultural consultant in the field of various agricultural projects related to agricultural manufacturing, plant production, and animal production.
  6. Working in the field of agricultural information related to agricultural marketing and extension.
  7. Managing relevant training centers in the field of agricultural marketing and extension.
  8. Working in training and rehabilitation related to specialization in terms of preparing and evaluating training programs.