About Faculty

The faculty of Social and Family Development is one of the core faculties at the University that was established simultaneously with the establishment of the university. It is considered the main channel to interact and communicate with the local society through the faculty’s main four departments, Social Work, Local Community Development, Gender and Development and Childcare.

The Faculty aims at equipping students with competencies to lead the developmental process of the local community with professionalism and innovation. Thus, the Faculty designed a comprehensive syllabus for all its academic programs to include modern theories and the different platforms of field training. In addition, it consolidated relations with NGOs, civil society organizations and public institutions to provide distinctive training opportunities for the students to match theories with practice and to equip them with the latest developments of knowledge, as well as to provide them with the required professional skills in the field of community development.

The faculty aspires to equip students with the required competencies to lead the change process in the society to have better social and developmental programs and services available to all its sectors to reach a welfare community built on integrity, equality, and the universal charters of Human Rights.


To prepare leaders equipped with the latest developments and skills in the field of social work and its different fields, along with its various platforms of prevention, treatment and development, to lead the change in the social work in the Palestinian society.

  • To prepare highly qualified graduates in the field of scientific research, social theories, social work and its different areas of work.
  • To raise the competitiveness of graduates by offering training programs through blended and open learning approach.
  • To equip students with the required competencies necessary for social cooperation and interaction to exchange experience and work within a framework of quality and excellence.
  • Work ethics.
  • Freedom of thoughts, innovation and expression.
  • Respect of the various backgrounds of religion, gender and ethnicity of students and staff.
  • Respect of Human dignity and individuality.
  • Positive and constructive interaction with the community.
  • Freedom of knowledge.
  • Social Responsibility.
  • To prepare qualified graduates equipped with specialized skills in the field of social work.
  • To raise the competitiveness of QOU’s graduates in the labor market.
  • To offer training and educational programs in accordance with the best practices and tools of open and blended learning to meet the needs of the local community.
  • To promote scientific research in the field of social work and its various aspects.
  • To enhance cooperation with the local community to develop learning environment and to advance the social work.