The Deanship of Scientific Research was established as a program in 2002 titled the Scientific Research Program. Later in 2013 and with the development of the university departments and branches, the program was upgraded to become a Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies. In 2016, the two departments were separated to have a different deanship for each one.

The Deanship handles any matter related to scientific research and its regulations. It has a long history of achievements together with the contributions of the distinguished academic staff who enriched it with their research in different fields. It is highly supported by the Presidency of the University and The Board of Trustees for its role in the development of the University and the local community. Thus, promoting scientific research is one of the core objectives of the strategic plan of the University in order to improve the performance and competencies of the academic staff, to develop a culture based on scientific research and knowledge, and to contribute in the social and economic development in the local communities as well as the regional ones.

The Deanship has different vital tasks at QOU such as creating a supportive and stimulating environment for researchers, developing scientific research through specialized units, centers, projects, and initiatives, financing research projects of the faculty staff and facilitating their field visits, and issuing five scientific internationally refereed and classified periodicals in the field of humanities, management, economics, technology, and open learning. These periodicals are refereed by independent international editing boards that approve them following the scientific regulated standards.
The Deanship also offers its services to the faculty staff to referee and publish their papers and protect their intellectual property, along with patents, copyright, and trademarks.
Furthermore, to encourage scientific research, the Deanship grants annual financial prizes and honorary awards to top researchers. It also seeks to encourage faculty staff to publish their papers in international refereed journals, and attend scientific conferences, workshops, and courses locally, regionally and internationally.

The Deanship has a long and immense history of achievements, such as setting regulated models for the procedures concerning supporting scientific research, designing webpages for the University periodicals, developing a databank that includes research papers conducted by faculty staff, subscribing and contributing in international and local databases. The deanship also offers services to the local community through various projects that develop the targeted institutions and highlight the social responsibility of the University towards sustainable social development.

Thus through carrying out all these services and activities, the Deanship of Scientific Research aims at implementing the University's strategy in promoting research and disseminating research culture at the university and Palestine.


Reaching excellence, creativity, and innovation in the field of scientific research, as well as publishing refereed papers, building a society based on knowledge, and disseminating a culture based on scientific research for the development of the society.


To create and develop a stimulating environment to promote scientific research to add and innovate in knowledge, as well as to identify the needs of the University and the society to eventually find the applicable solutions by using the suitable technological means to ultimately reach the University goals and develop the local community.

  • To connect the policies of scientific research with the vision and mission of the University.
  • To develop the infrastructure of scientific research and create a stimulating environment for researchers.
  • To encourage top students and faculty staff to innovate in knowledge.
  • To enhance the capacities of students and faculty staff in scientific research.
  • To connect the trends of scientific research with the national strategic plans of development.
  • To encourage publication of refereed scientific papers.
  • To build partnerships with international and local research centers.
  • To create developmental supportive programs and schemes in the field of scientific research.
  • To enhance the quality of administration performance at the deanship.
  • To organize conferences and scientific seminars.
  • To study and analyze the local community problems to provide recommendations and solutions.
  • To enhance cooperation in the field of scientific research between QOU and other local and international universities.
  • To encourage faculty staff to attend international and local conferences and seminars.
Core Values
  1. Community service and development
  2. Promotion of work ethics
  3. Teamwork
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Dissemination the culture of scientific research