Nutrition and Food Processing

This specialization grants a bachelor's degree in Food Processing and focuses on the basic concepts in food science, preservation and processing. It also focuses on the industries of various agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, and animal products such as meat and dairy products.


  1. Preparation of academic and professional cadres who have the ability to communicate with the community, and serve it in health and healthy food fields.
  2. Promoting research in the field of food processing.
  3. Offering advice and consultation to all members of the community and its institutions in various related areas of specialization.
  4. Developing healthy food awareness
  5. Coordinating and cooperating with the scientific, industrial and health institutions to provide recommendations aimed at serving the community.
  6. Contributing to agricultural development and food security.

Prospective Employment

The graduates are expected to work in the following fields:
  1. Public sector, especially in the field of quality control and health standards on food industries.
  2. Food factories as a Food Quality and Safety Controller
  3. Research centers, as a specialist researcher in the field of nutrition and food science
  4. In the field of food and health education.
  5. Teacher in Ministry of Education.
  6. Private Nutrition and Food Processing sectors.
  7. Standards Institution.
  8. National regulatory bodies, such as the Bureau of Consumer Protection and others.