About Faculty

The Faculty of Agriculture was established in 1991. It seeks to build an integrated system through the disciplines it provides: Prevention and Plant Production, Animal Production, and Food Processing.

The number of full-time Faculty members at the Faculty of Agriculture is four; three of them are PhD holders while the fourth holds a master's degree.

The number of enrolled students at the Faculty of Agriculture in the second semester of the academic year (2019/2020) reached (239) students, distributed in five branches of the university.


Equipping the students with sound theoretical knowledge and practical skills in Agriculture.


Preparing qualified human resources capable of developing the agricultural sector and meeting the needs of both regional and local communities from the sector; through using advanced agricultural techniques, and maintaining high quality in all processes.

  1. Disseminating knowledge in Agricultural Science, education, extension programs and sustainable development.
  2. Improving the lifestyle of the workers in the Palestinian and regional agricultural sector.
  3. Developing academic specializations in the field of Agriculture in accordance with the latest developments to increase the competitiveness of QOU graduates.
  4. Formulating a cooperative system for conducting scientific research among the various departments of the Faculty, and cooperating with other universities that have similar specializations.
  5. Networking with local, regional and international institutions to identify effective indicators that ensure developmental and agricultural growth.
  6. Promoting the methodology of e-learning and distance learning in agricultural sciences and implementing virtual experiences and using simulation methods in agricultural and developmental education.
  7. Strengthening the relation between the students and the agricultural sector and encouraging students to establish small-scale projects, and build partnerships with other companies.
  8. Developing techniques of agricultural industries through utilizing technology to improve the production of the agricultural sector.
  1. Sense of belonging to the land;
  2. Improving the lifestyle of people working in the agricultural sector in Palestine;
  3. Livestock and agriculture are vital sources of income;
  4. Affiliation to rural community;
  5. Complementarity in work;
  6. Professionalism;
  7. Development and continuous improvement;
  8. Scientific research as a mean of development;
  9. Teamwork;
  10. Active participation in the decision making process;
  11. Accuracy at work;
  12. Commitment and affiliation.