Planning And Quality Department

Planning and Quality department is an administrative unit which coordinates the planning efforts and assures the quality of academic, technical and administrative processes in accordance with the best professional practices, of local and international standards, in higher education in general and in blended education in particular. It also trains and raises the awareness of the University’s staff on the quality and planning principles and tools in cooperation and coordination with the other administrative units benefiting from national and international experiences.

Leadership and distinction in enhancing the culture of planning and quality in all of the University’s fields based on the best practices in the planning and quality standards locally and internationally.

Applying the planning and quality techniques on all units in the University in a continuous and renewable way to guarantee improvement and general development to achieve distinction in the administrative, academic and technical performance in accordance with the best practices of planning and quality international standards.


  • Participatory Management and team spirit
  • Integration, coordination and cooperation at work
  • Continuous development and improvement
  • Beneficiaries’ satisfaction represented in students, parents and employers
  • Excellence and innovation
  • Transparency, justice and integrity
  • Readiness and creative work