Rural Development Department

The specialization of Rural Development aims at qualifying students to work in all agricultural sectors, and to improve the quality and quantity of the agricultural crops.

The faculty has set the following general goals for the Rural Development specialization:

  • Capability to design economic plans.
  • Capability to identify the distinguishing concepts of land economics and their usage within their practical and theoretical frame.
  • Acquaintance with rules and regulations that govern using the lands.
  • Capability to identify current issues of environmental pollution and the role of the suitable techniques in the development of agricultural sectors.
  • Provide agricultural institutions and market with graduates capable of improving and developing the agricultural fields.
  • Develop the agricultural sectors in Palestine and alleviate their problems.

Prospective Employment

The graduates are expected to work in the following fields:
  1. Agricultural applications and recent techniques in all agricultural sectors.
  2. Developing many small-scale agricultural projects.
  3. Managing agricultural institutions.