Deanship of Graduate Studies And Scientific Research

Development requires academics and researchers of various specializations to take the initiative to carry out genuine and innovative research in all domains of knowledge. Scientific research is one of the main functions of a university and progress and success in any university come as a result of its achievements and excellence in the field of research.

Recognizing the significance of scientific research and its role in upholding the social responsibilities and task of the university, QOU established the Deanship of Scientific Research. This Deanship works to develop and promote research.

Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Graduate Studies was founded in 2015 to carry out QOU's mission of educational leadership, excellence, and innovation, as well as to reinforce the university's status as a leader among Palestinian higher education institutions.

A variety of programs has been accredited by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission, including PHD and master's degrees that meet the market’s needs 

The Faculty seeks to build partnerships in postgraduate programs with Palestinian and Arab universities and to strengthen ties of academic and research cooperation, on the Palestinian, regional and global levels, in areas that serve the Palestinian community. 

Considering the enormous qualitative advancements in communication technologies, the Faculty also strives to keep up with global scientific developments in various scientific fields, providing an infrastructure for its students as modern equipped laboratories, paper and electronic libraries linked to global databases, as well as smart board technologies, "video conference," and virtual classroom. 

Graduates of the Faculty of Graduate Studies have excelled in the fields of research; two of them won first and second place in the “Scholar Student competition" organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research at the national level of Palestine for their master's theses. Besides several students from the Master's Program in Arabic Language and Literature who contributed to composing the Arabic language curriculum, which the Ministry of Education supervises.