A brief introduction about the Engineering and Construction Unit

Work Nature:

The administration and the following up of all work, technical, geometric and financial issues related to the university’s buildings and branches in the different governorates.


Providing high quality educational and administrative buildings and facilities that fulfill the needs of the educational and administrative needs of the university.

Main Task:

Implementing the university’s policy related to establishing its educational and administrative buildings, and providing its needs according to the followed rules, systems and the signed agreements and MOUs with the donors for these projects. This will be achieved in full cooperation and coordination with the related departments and specialized bodies in the university, through managing the tenders and contracts related to the university building’s projects and preparing the needed plans for that.

Duties and Tasks:

  1. Providing suggestions and preparing studies for the university’s buildings, requirements and needs in coordination with the specialized bodies in the university and its branches.
  2. Prioritizing projects’ proposals within the strategic plan;
  3. Identifying the project’s needs, items, estimated cost and preparing the financial plan and timeframe needed to implement the different stages of the project including the tender process;
  4. Preparing the needed documents to choose the consultancy firms (terms of reference);
  5. Choosing the qualified consultancy firms to implement the design and the supervision on the university’s projects through a tender and a financial and technical evaluation for the consultancy firms, and following up the procedures of contract assignment and signature with the consultants;
  6. Following up the suggested projects’ designs with the consultancy firms, studying and modifying them as needed, as well as setting the technical characteristics upon needs, preparing , editing  and reviewing  the tender’s documents and the estimated cost in coordination with the consultancy firms and preparing the tender’s documents for advertisement.
  7. Doing all the special procedures for advertising the tenders and bidders;
  8. Following all the special procedures for opening and analyzing tenders submitted by the companies and contractors, and choosing the most suitable tender then following up the referral and signature of the contracts;
  9. Choosing the consultancy firm through the tender to supervise the implementation of the project’s work;
  10. Submitting the site to the contractor to start implementing the work;
  11. Doing regular field visits for the projects and university branches and following their workflow in these projects;
  12. Following up the reports related to the workflow;
  13. Following up the problems and obstacles that may occur during the implementation, making the suitable procedures, and providing the suitable solutions;
  14. Studying and adapting changes in the projects and accrediting  the work time extension that is justified for the contractors;
  15. Studying and auditing the financial requests by contractors for the implemented work and by the consultancy firms, accredit it and refer it to the financial affairs department for necessary action;
  16. Forming primary submission committees after receiving a report from the consultant mentioning that the project work is ready for submission;
  17. Following up the primary work submission of the projects;
  18. Following up the maintenance in the projects;
  19. Following up the final submission of the projects;
  20. Following up the applications received from the branches or from the university’s administrative buildings regarding any shortfalls, damages or works that need maintenance, then following up needed maintenance procedures; and  
  21. Keeping full documentation for all information related to the projects and saving them in files.


- Unit Director: Dr. Eng. Ali Zaki.
- Quantities Calculator: Eng. Fadi Qert .
- Secretary: Sahar Abu Obaid.

Maintenance department:

- Fadi Sohil.
- Saed Abu Dia.
- Samer Foda.
- Husam Dar Ali.

Contact Us:

Tel: 2429862/1 , 2423158 , ext. 150 and 149
Fax: 2426077
Mobile: 0592016175
E-mail: [email protected]