Planning Department


The Department is a technical administrative unit which is concerned with managing and coordinating all the various planning projects at the University.


The Planning Department seeks to ensure high standards of professional performance, readiness and innovation in the field of planning and developmental programs, considering a framework of cooperation and coherence between the administrative and academic units of the University in the field of planning.
Furthermore, the Department with its strategic planning, policies, programs and projects are designed to face challenges and requirements, strive to contribute in the enhancement and development of the University.

Core Values
  • Professionalism: planning process requires specialized teams in the techniques and means of planning, and their ability to constitute a professional planning model for the other departments at the University to follow.
  • Coherence, coordination and cooperation: the work of the Planning Department is an integral part of the operations of the other departments at the University. Consequently, the different units of the University relies on coordination and cooperation with the Department to offer their best performance.
  • Readiness and innovation: The nature of the work of the Planning Department requires readiness in information, feedback and various services to offer to the other administrative and academic units at the University to help with their decision making process and planning policies. Furthermore, the Department seeks to establish a culture of innovation and flexibility within its work using other institutions’ experiences and the latest updates and tools of planning as a framework.
  • Credibility, precision and confidentiality: using data and information from the Planning Department to build general policies and decisions at the University requires giving special attention to precision and credibility of the offered information. Moreover, confidently of data and information of the other departments and internal units is an important element to consider in the work of the Planning Department.

The Planning Department is a core administrative unit of the University since it sets techniques of strategic planning for the other departments, and cooperate with other units to follow up and execute the overall strategic plan of the University.
The department also seeks to plant a culture of continuous strategic planning in all the departments of the University aiming towards the development of the University.

  1. To establish a database of the activities of strategic planning at the University.
  2. To set standards and principles of planning in administrative, financial and academic units.
  3. To disseminate awareness about the importance of planning and to set a mechanism of implementation among all University departments.
  4. To supervise and coordinate with all departments to evaluate their strategic plans and to give feedback to ensure that they comply with the overall strategy of the University.
  5. To identify the administrative, technical, and academic needs and priorities at the University in order to set a suitable plan for each requirement.
  6. To cooperate and coordinate with the other departments in planning and assessing developmental projects.
  7. To cooperate with the other departments in evaluating and addressing urgent problems.
  8. To prepare research and plans about the horizontal and vertical expansion of the University in line with its higher policy and strategy.
  9. To coordinate and follow up with the respective units that are involved in the infrastructural operations of the University.