Plant Production and Protection

Plant Production and Protection aims at introducing Soil Sciences and Plant Production to students to acquaint them with the latest techniques and knowledge to prepare them to work in all agricultural fields, and to improve the quantity and quality of agricultural crops.


  1. Introducing modern techniques and practices applied in agricultural production.
  2. Introducing methods of diagnosing plant diseases and pests.
  3. Introducing modern techniques used in irrigation, land reclamation, and a know-how approaches to trade crops, pesticides, and seeds.
  4. Providing students with information about the agricultural sector in Palestine and the work fields of in plant production.
  5. Providing agricultural institutions and market with graduates capable of introducing several improvements and developments in the field.
  6. Developing Agricultural sectors and alleviating their problems in Palestine

Prospective Employment

The graduates are expected to work in the following fields:
  1. Agricultural applications and recent agricultural techniques.
  2. Developing many small-scale agricultural projects.
  3. Managing agricultural institutions.