Adel Z’aiter Translation and Languages Center

Adel Z’aiter Translation and Languages Center was established in May 2017. The idea behind establishing the Center emerged in response to the need of the University and the local community for a translation center that promotes high quality translation services and provides specialized workshops and seminars in this field to develop the competencies of translators.

The name of the Center is attributed to the Arab thinker and translator Adel Z’aiter, who contributed to the dissemination of knowledge and connected cultures through translating more than 35 books in politics, philosophy and other fields. Thus, the Center is inspired by the work of Adel Z’aiter and aims through translation at disseminating the latest developments in the different fields of science and humanities across cultures. Moreover, the Center aims at reinforcing the University’s role in promoting scientific research and adding valuable knowledge to the local and international communities.


The Center aims at providing high quality services in the field of translation in accordance with the latest developments and standards to transfer knowledge across cultures and innovate in the field of translation.


The Center’s mission is to disseminate the culture of translation through translating documents, research papers and books, as well as through training translators to develop their competencies. The Center also seeks to implement its operations and services within the framework of the University’s social responsibility.


  • Creating a supportive environment that develops the competencies of translators to enrich the field of translation in Palestine and the Arab World.
  • Translating documents received from the various departments of the University.
  • Developing the competencies of translators through workshops and training programs.
  • Connecting cultures through translating some of the most important publications in the region and worldwide that are written in the various disciplines into Arabic or English.
  • Consolidating relations and partnership with institutions, centers, and entities that work in the field of translation locally and internationally.
  • Translating research papers conducted by QOU’s faculty staff to publish the papers in international refereed periodicals and journals to enrich knowledge and enhance the ranking of the University through raising awareness about its role in promoting scientific research.
  • Developing a virtual library to upload the translated documents and research papers, creating a database available for all readers worldwide.
  • Developing the competencies of translators and students in the local community through organizing varied workshops and seminars that tackle different topics in the field of translation and interpretation.
  • Providing translation and interpretation services to the local community institutions.