Educational Supervision and Administration

About the Program:

Educational Supervision and Administration Master’s degree program is designed to provide educational institutions with professional cadres specialized in Educational Administration and Supervision to contribute to the development of administrative and supervisory systems in Palestinian educational institutions based on the latest educational theories in Educational Administration and Supervision.

Applicants who fulfil the admission requirements are admitted in the program. It requires each student to complete 36 credit hours to be granted a Master degree in Educational Administration and Supervision.


Preparing a qualified administrative cadre capable of raising the scientific and professional efficiency of educational institutions, and improving the performance of educational leaders, educational supervisors, administrates and teachers.

  • Prepare students and raise the level of their knowledge in order to gain insight and develop their leadership skills and be able to manage and develop institutions and draw sound administrative and educational policies in the light of contemporary strategic planning and global and international changes.
  • Contribute to the development of education and educational leadership in Palestine through developing educational supervision based on scientific and developmental methodology for leaders and educational supervisors from technical, administrative and applied aspects.
  • Apply modern methods and trends based on systemic structure, modeling and systems in managing and leading educational policies in Palestine.
  • Train graduates to conduct comparative studies in the Educational Administration and Supervision field, and use them in the development of administrative systems.
  • Provide students with the necessary competencies, principles, foundations and processes on which the entire educational system is based on, and identify the problems they face and find appropriate solutions.
  • Provide the students with knowledge and methodology and develop their scientific research skills.
  • Develop students’ leadership and supervision skills through introducing modern scientific methods in supervision and in educational planning of educational institutions and management to them.
  • Provide students with skills of analyzing the economic return from education and help them in rationalizing the decisions related to financing education and its economics.
Prospective Employment
  • Educational leader for schools, educational, community centers, and institutions.
  • A successful administrative leader of community centers and institutions.
  • Educational supervisor at schools and at educational supervision departments in the Ministry of Education, private schools and schools of UNRWA.
  • Specialized in the planning and development of the relevant institutions and centers in this field.
  • Director of educational development projects in local and international institutions and organizations.
  • An educator capable of introducing and leading educational initiatives and achieve their goals.
  • Faculty member or administrative staff in institutes, colleges and universities.