Family Counseling and Guidance


The MA degree in Family Counseling and Guidance aims to create a safe family through holistic professional interventions with the family, particularly in light of the significant changes that society is undergoing and the connected issues affecting the family's security and stability. In addition to the numerous family issues (such as family breakdown, child deviance, divorce, domestic violence, poverty, unemployment, etc.) and the need for qualified specialists to work with the family in order to assist and support the family in addressing issues that may arise.

This field of specialization is not limited to dealing with the issues that families face but has expanded to include conducting research and studies about families and their challenges, as well as the findings and suggestions from these studies. Hence, this important specialization comes to fill a major gap in the field of education and contributes to providing community institutions with specialized cadres to work with the family in a professional manner, whether at the level of professional intervention or at the level of conducting applied research in this field.

Program objectives

  1. Equipping students with the latest knowledge and competencies in order to create qualified experts in the field of family counseling and guidance.
  2. Highly qualified graduates in training and research employ scientific theory, skills, and research methodologies.
  3. . Graduates capable of linking theory and practice in supporting the family and helping it solve its problems that prevent its stability and balance.
Career Opportunities

Graduates who earn an MA in Family Counseling and Guidance can find work in a variety of organizations, such as social service organizations and family service organizations, and they may serve as:

  1. Psychological and educational counselor at schools.
  2. Counselor in social institution or in care homes
  3. Work in correctional, rehabilitation centers.
  4. Lecturer in academic institutions
Program Council
  1. Ameed Badr/Dean of the Faculty of Social and Family Development - Chairman.
  2. Rateb Abu Rahma / Faculty Member - Coordinator.
  3. Kamal Salameh / Faculty Member - Member
  4. Hassan Barmil / Faculty Member - Member.
  5. Iyad Abu Bakr / Faculty Member - Member.
Degree Requirements

To obtain a master's degree in Family Counselling and Guidance, the student must successfully complete (36) credit hours distributed as follows:

Core Courses Credit Hour
1 Theoretical compulsory courses 18
2 Fieldwork 3
3 Elective Courses 9
4 Thesis 6
Total 36