Arabic Language and Literature


In its journey to fulfill its mission in addressing the needs of the Palestinian and Arab community for the development of various degrees of study, Al-Quds Open University (QOU) seeks to offer and promote developmental academic programs. Accordingly, the University developed a Master’s degree in Arabic Language and Literature in the academic year 2015/2016. Based on a thorough academic plan, the program is able to compete with other similar local and regional programs. It operates on two majors: Arabic Language and Syntax; and Arabic Literature and Criticism. The program also offers the advantage of choosing between a thesis or a comprehensive examination according to the terms and regulations of the Graduate Study guide. Moreover, the courses are taught by experienced associate professors and other members of a higher academic levels.

The program is designed, planned and monitored by a committee that consists of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, the Dean of the Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, as well as three faculty members from the program. The committee is responsible for the registration procedures and enrollment process, the designation of the study courses among the teachers, and the follow up of any updates related to the curriculum or teaching materials. In addition, the committee appointed a coordinator to follow up with students’ matters and monitor the related academic procedures according to the University’s bylaws of Graduates Studies.

  • Graduating qualified scientists who can meet the needs of the Palestinian and Arab community in this specialization.
  • Enriching the Palestinian culture with linguistic and literature research papers and studies.
  • Promoting scientific research in the field of language locally and regionally.
  • Exchanging experiences and consolidating academic partnerships with Palestinian and Arab universities in related programs.
Prospective Employment
  • Professional career in teaching at schools and universities.
  • Professional career in Media outlets (anchorman/woman, editor, proofreader).
  • Professional career at Arabic language research centers and institutes.