Master Of Information Technology

Program Overview:

The program aims at producing graduates that are prepared to anticipate and tackle the technology trends of today and tomorrow by learning to bridge the gap between business requirements and technical solutions. Technology evolves rapidly and it is important for individuals to stay competitive. The master in Information Technology seeks to help students to launch themselves into real-world learning and gain hands-on skills in specialized areas of IT. It also aims at enhancing the environment of scientific research in information Technology in Palestine and the region by graduating qualified candidates.

The program opens new future venues to its students by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute effectively to both local and global markets. In addition to providing the students with the scientific knowledge in the state-of-art technologies, the program aims at developing the student research and practical skills in modern technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Machine Learning, Cloud computing, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Networking and modern wired and wireless communication systems.

The program prepares students to work as researchers, Information/data analysts, and intelligent information systems designers and developers. This is all achieved through a comprehensive program that combines Information technology and Telecommunication skills to prepare the students not only for the local market demands but also for global market ones, and thus opening new opportunities for its students. The graduates will be able to contribute effectively to the IT market in which businesses compete beyond countries geographical borders.

Finally, the program aligns with the national strategy of promoting scientific research in state-of-art technologies, and contributes to the national economy by producing graduates that are able to compete in the IT global market, given that a number of the major technology companies in Palestine provide outsourcing services to companies outside Palestine.

Why Master in Information Technology
  • Launching a program that aims at keeping up with the current and successive developments in Information technology and promoting scientific research in state-of-art technologies and their applications in real life.
  • The community’s need for a program to keep pace with scientific developments similar to international universities.
  • The huge and increasing local and global demands for information technology professionals who possess knowledge in state-of-art technologies.
  • Qualifying graduates of the program to enroll in doctoral programs.
Goals of Master in Information Technology

The goals of the Master in Information Technology program are:

  • Graduate IT professionals that are able to compete globally and to contribute to the field of Information Technology.
  • Enhance the graduates’ abilities to perform scientific research in different areas of Information Technology, and provide them with the analytical skills that enable them to play an active role in scientific research and in solving real-life problems.
  • Equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills and hands-on experience in Information Technology.
  • Promote scientific research in state-of-art technologies.
  • Produce skillful IT graduates that are able to fulfill local and global demands.
  • Open new employment venues in line with the global demands for outsourcing and freelancing.
  • Connect Academia with the public and local market to ensure harmony between acquired graduate skills and local market demands.
  • Produce graduates who are able to provide innovative technological solutions.
  • Qualify graduates of the program to enroll in doctoral programs
  • Produce graduates who are able to perform successfully and obtain desired outcomes in a variety of information technology environments in public and private sectors.
  • Produce Graduates that are able to apply sound information technology principles to maximize the effectiveness of using IT in management and information systems.
Prospective Employment

With the advent of freelancing, outsourcing and offshoring (outsourcing) of IT services, there are huge demands on local and global levels for well-educated, well-trained and skillful professionals in IT. The master's degree program in Information Technology strives to educate students to assume leadership roles where the application of information technology is concerned with the ultimate goal of connecting people, organizations, and communities to enhance their ability to succeed. Below is a list of the prospective employment opportunities for the master program graduate:

  • Computer systems analyst
  • Information systems manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Software Engineer/Developer
  • Database Administrator/Developer
  • Data Analyst/Scientist
  • Information Security Analyst/Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Lecturer/Teacher
  • Researcher