Activities and Accomplishments of the Center

The activities of the Center are implemented based on a budget and a plan approved by the Presidency of the University.
The following are the activities and accomplishments of the Center for 2015:

Research papers which have been printed and published:

  • 2030 Future trends of the Palestinian-Israeli water disputes. Dr. Andelrahman El-Tamimi.
  • The future of Islamism in the Arab region: Major trends and subtrends. Prof. Waleed Abdelhai.
  • Law of Israel as a Jewish state and its future impact on the Palestinian cause. Mr. Somer Muner Salah.
  • The future direction of the middle class. Prof. Abdelaziz Khouzala.
  • The changing threats of the Israeli future wars. General Dr. Mohamad El-Masri.
  • The Ideological trends of Israeli Settlers and their impact on Palestinians. Dr. Muhannad Mustafa.
  • The future direction of the Palestinian Authority. Prof. Rafeq El-Masri.

Research papers that are currently being refereed:

  • The challenges of development under occupation and creating alternative economic trends. Prof. Salaman El-Ebedy.
  • The future impact of The Red Sea–Dead Sea Conveyance project: economic, social and political consequences. Dr. Abdelrahman Salaman El-Tamimi.

Research papers that are currently under review:

  • The future vision of the Social change in the Palestinian communities. Dr. Iyad Barghouti.
  • The future of Palestinians political parties: a study of emerging parties. Dr. Ahmad Tawfeeq Awad.

Conducted Polls:

  • Priorities of the Palestinian citizens in politics, economy, and society. 2015
  • The impacts of the internationalization of the Palestinian cause. 2015
  • The image of extremists in the Palestinian society. 2015
  • The impact of Political division on the popular movement in Palestine. 2015


  • Palestinian-Egyptian relations and their impact on the Palestinian cause.
  • The latest political affairs and their impact on the Palestinian cause.