Field Scientific Research Unit/Jericho


The center is the forefront of the applied agricultural scientific research for Al-Quds Open University which was established in Jericho governorate to develop the agricultural sector in the irrigated and rainy areas, and to participate also in solving the problems that the Palestinian farmer faces in order to improve his standard of living and increase his income.

  1. Translate the vision and the mission of the university in serving the Palestinian community on the political, social and economic aspects in cooperation with the university’s faculties especially the media faculty.
  2. Process the weaknesses in the applied agricultural scientific research in Palestine through cooperation in research among the universities and national research centers and activate networking among them in order to exchange scientific knowledge and experiences for the benefit of the agriculture sector.
  3. Support agricultural research programs in cooperation with graduate studies college and internship programs for agriculture college students in order to improve and develop the graduates’ quality.

Geographical location of the unit:

The location of the agricultural research center was chosen in Jericho governorate and especially in the Construction Project site due to its importance in the agricultural sector in its different cases; research, production, consultation and training the agriculture faculty students and graduates.

Description of the unit’s agricultural area:

Jericho governorate is considered one of the most important agricultural governorates in terms of its weather and the availability of irrigation water needed to make agricultural scientific research for strategic economic agricultural crops like palm, citrus fruits and fodders plantation and production.

Scientific activities and programs:

Many of the agricultural research programs were implemented in cooperation with the Palestinian universities and related research organizations, as follows:

  1. Insertion and production of cluster beans crops as fodder to feed animals (sheep) in cooperation with the agriculture faculty at An-Najah National University and the national center for research and agricultural instruction in Qabatia-Jenin.
  2. Palm weed control program in cooperation with:
    • National center for research and agricultural instruction in Qabatia-Jenin.
    • Agriculture faculty in Palestine Technical University-Khadoorei.
  3. Fighting some dangerous epidemic weeds such as the valley weed which grows in northern Palestine governorates and other governorates.
  4. Improving the quality of Armenian cucumber types.