The Faculty of Media was established in September 2014, after obtaining the accreditation from The Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The Faculty grants a B.A. degree in New Media which is considered a new academic program in Palestine.

The New Media program is designed to prepare a journalist with comprehensive knowledge to coordinate and manage websites and the other forms of media (visual, audio, and written). The major also prepares graduates to focus on the practical aspects of media and journalism along with the in-depth knowledge and theories. The program includes several topics in its study plan such as new media courses, smart phone applications, various courses in journalism, radio and television, in addition to courses on internet techniques and its applications.


The revolution of communications has changed the dynamics of media; the citizen is no longer a receiver of information from governments and political parties. He/she can produce a message, influence the public opinion, and organize events. All can be achieved by the help of digital media and social networks.

In the light of this development, the faculty of media at QOU seeks to be a leading institution in teaching New Media and produce a journalist with comprehensive capabilities to work in both conventional and digital media; it also seeks to be a distinguished research center in the field of the new media and its impact on local and international societies.

  • Preparing distinguished professional and intellectual graduates in the field of digital media who can utilize the latest technology and its means, and have an in-depth knowledge, to meet the rising needs of the community from the new media, as well as raising their competiveness in local and international labor market.
  • Serving the community and raising the sense of commitment to the social, professional and moral responsibility towards community and homeland.
  • Developing and updating media in Palestine, and enhancing its social and national role. Moreover, investing in human resources and equipping them with theoretical and practical knowledge.

  • Equip journalists with competencies in the field of the media that allow them to publish the latest news and information in a precise, objective, interesting, and interactive manner.
  • Contribute to knowledge and science, and highlight Palestine in the global media.
  • Supply the community and Arab region with professional and qualified journalists in the field of new media, who are able to work in institutions and centers of media, and harness the tools and skills of digital media to produce news and information, individually or within a group.