Multimedia and Graphic Design (Minor)


Multimedia & graphic Design, a pioneering sub-major at the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences, is strategically crafted to nurture proficient graduates who can adeptly cater to the demands of both the local and global labor markets in this ever-evolving field. Our program equips students with a robust skill set that not only opens doors to job opportunities but also empowers them to explore exciting freelancing prospects.

The Multimedia and Graphic Design program aims to remain at the forefront of applied technological advancements by imparting comprehensive knowledge and skills in diverse facets of multimedia applications. Furthermore, it seeks to instill a work-oriented mindset, foster a commitment to productive endeavors, promote positive engagement with the community, and equip Providing students with information and skills in various fields of multimedia applications, developing their sound attitudes towards productive work and positive interaction with society, and preparing them to practice work in various fields, such as advertising design, publishing, and audio and video editing.

Specific Goals:

  1. Provide the emerging Information Technology sector in Palestine with trained graduates in the field of multimedia.
  2. Equip students with both scientific and technical knowledge.
  3. Develop and enhance students' skills in alignment with local market requirements.
  4. Establish a conducive environment for scientific research in this new field.
  5. Prepare students to pursue postgraduate studies, enabling them to resume higher studies and earn master's and doctoral degrees in multimedia.

Here is a list of some of the jobs graduates can engage in:

  1. Graphic Designer.
  2. E-commerce Web Designer
  3. Radio and Television Program Designer, Producer, and Editor (Audio and Visual)
  4. Work in Film Production and Animation
  5. Video Game Designer and Developer: This role includes designing graphics and visual elements for video games and programming games.
  6. Work in Publishing and Printing: Graduates can work in designing books, magazines, and various printed materials.
  7. Digital Content Developer.
  8. Freelancing: Specialized graduates can work as freelancers and offer their services in various fields to a diverse range of clients.