The Department of Science was established in 1987, first as a part of Education Faculty then later as a part of the Technology and Applied Sciences Faculty.

The idea of establishment came as a response to several studies and surveys which concluded that local teachers lacked the necessary updated skills of teaching. Thus, a program to rehabilitate teachers was one of the community requirements.

The Department offers a major in Science and a minor in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Teaching Methods, CIS, or Communications.

The Department aims to:

  • Equip Students with different sets of research skills in the various fields of science such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Equip students with the required skills to operate scientific devices and design scientific experiments to explore the principles of Chemistry, Biology and Physics.
  • Employ scientific terms and principles in the field of education and research.
  • Equip students with mental and practical skills in the various fields of science.
  • Equip students with skills of analysis and communication.
  • Provoke the mindsets of students and increase their thirst for knowledge.
  • Utilize the principles of Physics in the conservation of energy.
  • Utilize acquired skills and knowledge to innovate in science.
  • Build an academic character that utilizes research and critical thinking, and match theory with practice.
  • Supply the local and international labor market with graduates capable of contributing in the development of science and technology.
  • Prepare qualified graduates capable of furthering their higher education in the various scientific fields.
  • Supply the local community with qualified teachers.