Libraries and Information Technology


This specialization is the first of its kind in the Palestinian universities and it is in line with the national strategy in preparing qualified personnel in the field of libraries and information technology capable of collecting information and sources, organizing, retrieving, and making available to beneficiaries through employing modern technology. Students will be accepted in this specialization starting from the beginning of the next academic year 2019/2020. A number of specialized and experienced faculty members will teach this specialization.


Skills and Labor Market for Graduates:

The graduate shall gain the skills of analysis and design for digital archiving systems, database management and web programming, human and computer interaction design, electronic cataloging and archiving techniques, information storage methods, and access to multiple electronic resources in digital repositories, electronic portals and web pages.

Graduates of libraries and information technology graduates can work in all libraries, whether university or school or public and private libraries, and information centers and manage them efficiently and competently.



Students who have graduated this year with a minimum score of 65%, are admitted in this program while students who have graduated in previous years are admitted if they obtained a minimum score of 55%.