Information Technology and Communications Department (ITC)


The Department of Information Technology and Communications (ITC) and its offered BA programs were accredited in 2003 by AQAC to be taught as part of Technology and Applied Sciences Faculty. The Department aims to equip students with the basic competencies of ITC in both theoretical and technical aspects.

The specialization is offered to address the needs of the local community from ITC, especially within the context of Globalization which resulted in the need of utilizing communication and information technology in today’s world.

The Department aims to:
  • Supply local and Arab market with graduates capable of utilizing ITC to develop and build systems of communication.
  • Develop the students’ competencies in telecommunications.
  • Supply the community with human resources capable of building computers and internet networks.
  • Equip students with efficient competencies in the field of applied technology and communications.
  • Develop sense of productivity and active participation in the community.
  • Prepare students to work in the following fields, telecommunications; security and protection systems; and management of internet networks.