Purchasing and Procurement Department


Purchasing and Procurement Department is responsible for providing and purchasing all the requirements and supplies of the University. The Department is also responsible for the process of printing textbooks and their purchase in accordance with the University’s bylaws.


Developing the University’s system of purchasing, procurement and maintenance of devices, supplies, and textbooks in accordance with the best administrative practices and technology to offer high quality services.


Providing supplies, devices, and services to fulfill the needs of the University’s units in accordance with high quality standards and the latest developments of technology.


  • Providing the University with all supplies and requirements, as well as printing textbooks.
  • Contacting suppliers to provide any needed supplies through a committee specialized in dealing with tenders, within an integrated administrative process. Moreover, the Department supervises, maintains, manages, sells, grants, and documents all supplies and any related matters.
  • Developing and expanding QOU’s central and subsidiary warehouses.
  • Developing the competencies of the Department’s staff, as well as providing them with the needed technologies to maximize their efficiency.

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