The University recognizes the vital role that Mathematics plays in the field of knowledge especially in Science and Technology. Mathematics is considered the language of other fields of science.

Furthermore, it nurtures reasoning, creativity, abstract and spatial thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving ability and even communication skills. Consequently, the University established Department of Mathematics.

The Department seeks to prepare qualified graduates who possess rational reasoning and scientific research skills. Moreover, students will be equipped with varied competencies that raise their competiveness in the labor market and enable their contribution in the development of the local community.

The Department aims to:
  • Provide students with teaching methodology of Mathematics for different educational levels.
  • Broaden the knowledge of students with mathematical and scientific competencies.
  • Provide students with methods of Mathematical Proof to develop critical thinking, and find rational solutions to problems.
  • Develop students’ ability to match theory with practice.
  • Develop students’ competencies in scientific research.
  • Connect Mathematics with other fields of knowledge.
  • prepare a specialized cadre that address the needs of the society from field of Mathematics.
  • Equip students with enough knowledge that allow them to pursue postgraduate studies.
  • Equip students with skills that enable them to collect data and analyze them objectively.
  • Utilize mathematics logic and concepts to develop critical thinking in daily and professional life.

Prospective Employment

  • Mathematics Teacher of different educational levels.
  • Professional career at Central Bureau of Statistics.
  • Professional career at Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Planning.
  • Professional career at research centers.
  • Professional career at banks, economic institutions, and insurance companies.