Deanship of Admission, Registration and Examinations:

The Deanship of Admission, Registration & Examinations is responsible for the admission and following-up of students’ affairs from the moment of their enrollment until their graduation. It is also responsible for the examinations and assignments in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University.


Electronic registration of the students and providing all services and statistics related to the students and graduates in addition to monitoring grades through the online portal.


Provide remarkable services to students from the moment of their enrollment until their graduation by using the latest techniques. Moreover, providing the Presidency of the University and the relevant departments with statistics and reports of students and graduates in accordance with the curriculum standards f Total Quality Management.

  1. Enhancing the sense of belonging and loyalty
  2. Honesty and Integrity
  3. Accuracy at work
  4. Achieving staff job satisfaction
  5. Enhancing teamwork  spirit
  6. Granting authorities
  7. Promoting Partnership
  8. Promoting innovation and growth
Goals and Objectives:
  1. Providing students with remarkable services;
  2. Applying all rules, regulations and instructions issued by the Academic Affairs Department, in terms of admission, registration, examinations and assignments;
  3. Using modern technology in electronic registration and in monitoring the grades through the online portal, in addition to the electronic archiving of exams and assignments;
  4. Maintaining a database of the students, graduates, examinations and assignments, in addition to producing reports and periodicals;
  5. Maintain the confidentiality of students’ records;
  6. Supervision over the performance of the  teaching staff in regard to the work of the deanship (the deanship staff in Branches )
  7. Setting the Academic Calendar.

Developing and computerizing all rules and regulations of the Deanship of Admission, Registration & Examinations