Most Important Activities

The agricultural research center’s infrastructure was prepared through cleaning, plowing and preparing the land and the soil to implement research experiments such as the Armenian cucumber crop research, the okra crop research experiment, the Palm weevil research experiment) and the installation of the major and minor irrigation network specialized for the cluster beans cultivation experiment.


  1. A very well-prepared land that is ready for cultivation.
  2. A well- prepared soil that is ready for implementing research experiments.
  3. A major and minor irrigation network specialized for cultivating the okra crop.
  4. A caravan and concrete corridors.

After the infrastructure of the center was finalized, the cultivation process of the cluster bean crops was done using the water that was processed in Nablus/Dir Sharaf water purification plant. The cluster beans crop was cultivated in the research center/ in Jericho in cooperation with Dir Sharaf agricultural cooperative organization, the cluster bean research was followed up, the Proportion of germination was watched and calculated, the Palm weevil research was also followed up and different concentrations of chemical pesticides were used. New samples for palm weevil were prepared, the Armenian cucumber crop research was prepared, and field notes were monitored and documented by Dr. Naser Dweek and Eng. Khalid Aslan.

Soil samples were taken to be investigated in Palestine Technical University (Khadoorei).

Within the procedures followed in recruiting a specialized staff for the center, a committee was formed to interview the candidates to be recruited in the agricultural research center.


Dr. Naser Al-deen Dweek and Eng. Khalid Aslan were recruited.

A meeting with the Jordanian Supreme Council for Science and Technology in Amman by Dr. Ma’n Shaqwarah was held and another meeting with researcher Muna Zaqsaw who works for the General Secretariat and a responsible person in the international cooperation and Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions Program. These meetings were implemented in the aim of finding funding resources in addition to participating in the scientific seminar in Palestine Technical University- Khadoorei in Tulkarm. A meeting with the general manager of the Agricultural Research National Center, Dr. Ziad Feddah was also held.


  1. Take advantage of the financial support for the scientific research.
  2. Be introduced to the know how to prepare, present and publish a scientific research paper which was presented by professor Samih Abu Baker/ the vising professor from Al-Balqaa Applied University in Jordan.
  3. Initial agreement on preparing a project proposal on using the cluster beans as a fodder crop for the first time in Palestine.
  4. Work procedures between researchers was clarified and also the procedures for the use of the Agricultural Ministry’s biological laboratories/ Jericho and for training the students of the Agriculture Faculty.