Sponsoring Talented Students

The University, through the Deanship of Student Affairs, has been able to develop its methods, mechanisms and activities to provide a scientific, cultural, sports and artistic environment and to provide opportunities for its students to develop their talents and achieve their role in building a balanced student personality towards creativity and excellence.

The Deanship of Student Affairs has initiated and promoted students' talents at the University level and abroad to achieve the aspiration of outstanding students in all fields. It also fosters and nurtures talented individuals and individuals with special innovative and creative abilities and works to overcome any obstacle they may face while practicing their hobbies.

During the Academic Year (2016-2017), the Deanship pursued about (485) student talents, ranging from sports talents such as athletics, tennis, table tennis, swimming, chess, karate, boxing, football, basketball, volleyball, to creative talents in theatre issues  , music, singing, acting, and such as writing, stories, prose, , photography, embroidery, drawing, calligraphy arts, and other talents.

The Deanship formed the "Coral" team of the University, and is currently working to form a scout team in cooperation with Tubas Branch.