Temporary withdrawal of studying

  1. A student can request a temporary withdrawal if he/she has spent at least one semester at the University and has successfully accomplished at least three credit hours.
  2. The student who needs to apply for temporary withdrawal must fill a special form (study delay form) no later than the end of the first week of the first or second semester. The dean takes the decision after receiving the recommendation of the Program Committee
  3. The justified withdraw period must not exceed 2 semesters and the suspended duration is not calculated within the maximum duration for graduation
  4. If the allowed duration expires and the student does not register for the semester and does not receive approval for the delay then his enrollment is cancelled
  5. The withdrawn student who has withdrawn during the first week of the semester can refund half of the paid fees
  6. For the students who submitted delay application during the first week of the semester and their application has been approved; fees will be balanced in the student account for the next semester .


The student is considered terminated or dismissed in the following cases:

  1. If the semester starts and the student does did not register for that semester neither applied for delayed study.
  2. If student withdraws from all courses which he/she registered in the first semester of study.
  3. If the registration was canceled for not completing registration procedures.
  4. If the delay of study exceeds two semesters, sequential or inconsequential, unless the delay is resulted by compelling excuse that is accepted by the Board.