Al-Quds Open University

QOU and TPFS-Palestine hold a workshop for Social and Family Development Faculty Members

Published on: 25-02-2020

 On Monday, 02/22/2020, Al-Quds Open University together with the Thalassemia Palestinian Friends Society (TPFS) held a workshop on Thalassemia, for the members of the administrative body of the Faculty of Social and Family Development who supervise field training.

Prof. Samir Najdi, Vice President for Academic Affairs commented that Al-Quds Open University has been frequently conducting training workshops with local community institutions in order to raise awareness on many issues that concern to our society, including the issue of Thalassemia.

For his part, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Family Development, Dr. Iyad Abu Bakr mentioned that the University will hold workshops for the students on the topic of Thalassemia, and then students will launch an awareness campaign to the community institutions to raise awareness about this disease.

Dr.  Bashar Al-Karmi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Friends of Thalassemia Palestinian Friends Society (TPFS), thanked Al Quds Open University and its President indicating that it is “the only University that has adopted Thalassemia patients exempting them from tuition fees.