Al-Quds Open University

QOU conducts workshop on Cultivating Quinoa to Adapt to Climate Change in Palestine

Published on: 21-05-2024

 “Quinoa Cultivation to Adapt to Climate Change in Palestine” was the topic of a workshop hosted by the Al-Quds Open University Faculty of Agriculture and conducted within the activities of the project which is funded by the Global Environment Facility /Small Grants Programme (GEF/SGP/UNDP). The workshop was held at the University’s Center for Agricultural Research in Jericho for the participants to see the quinoa crop. Through it, the faculty hosted a number of farmers and women’s cooperatives, in addition to a number of agricultural extension workers from Hebron, Jenin and Jericho governorates, in addition to the project partners in the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environmental Quality Authority, with the attendance of Ms. Nadia Al-Khudari, representative of the Global Environment Facility.

The workshop aimed to introduce agronomists to the quinoa crop, its nutritional value, and the environmental requirements that must be provided to the crop in order to achieve economically plentiful production. The experience of Al-Quds Open University in introducing and cultivating quinoa as a promising crop in Palestine was also presented, in addition to its being one of the means that can be applied to reduce the negative effects of the climate change phenomenon on farmers in Palestine.

The workshop concluded with a general discussion on the best way to introduce the crop to Palestine and encourage farmers to adopt its cultivation.