Al-Quds Open University

Al-Quds Open University condemns the bombing and destruction of the university building in Gaza and using it as a military barracks.

Published on: 19-11-2023

 In the midst of the relentless attack and massacres against children, women, and the elderly, not to mention the targeting of safe houses and public infrastructure, al-Quds Open University represented by its Board of Trustees, President, staff, and students, reaffirms and condemns  the relentless bombardment  and destruction of its Gaza branch building, turning it into a military barracks as part of a systematic policy in the context of the continuing sinister aggression and the horrific crimes committed in the Gaza Strip for more than 40 days, adding to its crimes and massacres for the last 75 years of occupation.

These systematic attacks against the educational institution is a proof of the crimes and massacres committed by the occupation and aircraft that target all that is Palestinian through thousands of tons of explosives that have been relentlessly poured on Gaza houses, hospitals, mosques, churches, schools and universities and their inhabitants. The international community must halt them and curb this war against our defenseless people and their civilian, educational and health institutions in the Gaza Strip.

we demand the formation of an independent international investigation committee, in order to reveal the facts related to the falsity of the allegations, especially the justifications for bombing and destroying the university branch, in addition to many violations against academic institutions, such as universities and schools, in addition to humanitarian infrastructure such hospitals and ambulances, and shelters catering displaced individuals.

As it emphasizes the calls on international institutions to immediately intervene to withdraw the occupation forces and their armored vehicles from the university campus; QOU stresses the need to prosecute the occupying forces and those responsible for these crimes, atrocities, and violations.

Al-Quds Open University stands as the heart of Palestinian pride, a beacon of knowledge and a cornerstone of our national identity. It steadfastly upholds the mission of enlightenment, bravely countering the efforts of occupation to sow ignorance within our society. Education remains our steadfast ally in the Palestinian struggle, a powerful tool guiding our path forward. Our people's resilience shines brightly, showcasing a rich tapestry woven with innovation, scientific achievements, profound thoughts, cultural richness, and unwavering excellence. Despite relentless conspiracies and attempts to diminish our presence, our march for progress and resilience persists, undiminished.

Long live Palestine

Mercy for the martyrs, healing for the wounded, and freedom for the prisoners

Victory for our people.