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"Al-Quds Educational Channel" wins third place in the Jordan Festival for Arab Media (JFAM) for the documentary "This is how Jerusalem is being stolen" and a bronze medal for the "With Corona" show.

Published on: 06-10-2021

 Al-Quds Educational Satellite Channel won two bronze awards in the Jordan Festival  for Arab Media (JFAM) in its fourth session. The Festival  was held in Amman, between the third and fifth of October, and coincided with the Kingdom’s celebrations of the first centenary of the revolution to establish the Jordanian state.

It is notworthy that Al-Quds Educational Channel won the first bronze medal  for “This is how Jerusalem is being stolen”, a documentary that deals with the issue of displacement in the Holy City of Jerusalem through several stages, starting from 1948 to present, going through 1967. The film reveals tools and laws used by the occupation authorities to implement ethnic cleansing plans in the city, starting with demolishing of Palestinian villages in 1948 and the demolition of Jerusalem neighborhoods such as Haret al- Sharaf in the Old City. The film starts with plans of displacement in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and Silwan and other Jerusalem neighborhoods, and then go back to analyze the historical roots of ethnic cleansing, turning to the occupation of the eastern part of the city in 1967, and the beginning of a new phase of displacement with other tools, such as settlements and Absentee Property Law, and the demolition of Jerusalem homes and facilities, as part of a systematic process aimed at Judaizing Jerusalem and recognizing  it as capital of the State of Israel in an effort to resolve the battle of the demographic conflict in favor of the Jewish settlers, by targeting the Palestinian presence and reducing the percentage of Arabs to 12% to turn it into a Jewish city.

The second medal was for the comedy show “With Corona”, which is a series of family comic episodes which focus on the pandemic consequences, such as closures, quarantine, distance education, and other matters related to the pandemic.

Dr.  Eng. Islam Amro, Director General of Al-Quds Educational Channel said: “We, as a satellite channel bearing the name of Al-Quds, and in a university bearing the name of Al-Quds too are proud of this achievement which is a result of the tireless work carried out by the channel in producing educational and documentary programs that create distinction in the Palestinian media reality and succeeded in conveying the message of the Palestinian people to the world.”