Al-Quds Open University

Al-Quds Open University hosts the Palestinian Collegiate Programming Contest PCPC 2020

Published on: 07-12-2020

 Al-Quds Open University hosted the Palestinian Collegiate Programming Contest PCPC 2020 at the University’s campus in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Branch in the presence of academics and students from universities of the central West Bank.

It is worth mentioning that The Palestinian Collegiate Programming Contest – PCPC 2000 competition is the largest and most important nationwide of its kind, it starts with local competitions in each participating country, then at the regional level and finally at the international level.

Dr. Hussein Hamayel, Ramallah and Al-Bireh Branch Director said that Al-Quds Open University participated in the competition last year, and this year the University was chosen to host the students of universities in the central West Bank.  Dr. Hamayel hoped that the competition would represent a starting point for Palestinian students to reach regional and international levels.

Dr. Nael Abu Al-Halawa, Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences said that the qualified teams will participate in the Arab Programming Competition, which is a regional competition in which the competition will be between Arab countries (Arabic Collegiate Programming Contest. - ACPC). Dr. Abu Al-Halawah added that the qualified teams from the regional competition will participate in the International Collegiate Programming Contest - ICPC.

Dr. Bassam Turk, Head of the Information Technology Research Unit at the Information and Communication Technology Center at Al-Quds Open University, and coordinator of graduation projects for students, said  “Every year; We participate in this  event.  Last year we  got an advanced position in this competition, and this year it is organized at Al-Quds Open University, because  QOU has the technological qualifications and the advanced technological infrastructure to hold this competition at its campus”.