Al-Quds Open University

Al-Quds Open University wins the project "Enhancing Early childhood Education and Care in Palestine"

Published on: 30-11-2020

 Al-Quds Open University won "Enhancing Early childhood Education and Care in Palestine" as a coordinator for the project within the Erasmus + program with the support of the European Union, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Development.

This came during the activities of the Information Day of “Erasmus +" program in Palestine, where the Director of National Erasmus Office Dr. Nedal Jayousi, honored President of Al-Quds Open University, Prof. Younes Amr.

Prof. Amr mentioned that the project aims to ensure that Palestinian children have access to all early childhood services in a sustainable manner through the government's commitment to provide services and work in partnership with universities and institutions related to local, regional and international early childhood care. Prof. Amr added that the project also aims to promote listing the rights of the Palestinian child at the top of the government's priorities, to ensure justice and equality and solve any problems facing the early childhood sector.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Samir Najdi, said that the project includes several activities, the most important of which are: laying down a road map for the early childhood sector in Palestinian universities, enhancing the capacities of faculty members in the early childhood sector in Palestine, and developing two courses in early childhood through blended learning.

For his part, Eng.  Muhammad Fahel, Director of the Center for Continuing Education and Community Service, mentioned that the project includes developing two professional diplomas in the early childhood , developing the capabilities of the staff working in universities and ministries in dealing with institutions operating in the early childhood field, developing the capabilities of workers in the early childhood sector through professional diplomas and specialized training, and developing laws and strategies for the early childhood sector and raising awareness of the importance of the early childhood sector and the need to place it at the top of government priorities.