A Family Love Affair with Al-Quds Open University

Student Suha George Ghareeb studied at the Bethlehem campus of Al-Quds Open University since family commitments prevented her from enrolling in a regular university. Her experience developed into a love story in which Suha succeeded in enrolling her three sisters at the university.  

Finding that open education allowed her to achieve her ambitions and develop her life, Suha passed on her successful experience to her three sisters, who decided to join Al-Quds in Bethlehem to complete their studies.


Muna, Suha’s sister, is in her second year of English language studies and said: “When I was studying for the Tawjihi exams, my sister joined Al-Quds Open University. I wondered what made her choose this university but she kept encouraging me by telling me that Al-Quds has flexibility that you cannot find in any other university; students can choose the courses that they want each semester."  

Hanan, the second sister, also studies English. She is happy to have found a university that is not traditional in its teaching methods. “I found what I wanted; my sister encouraged me to join this university due to its modern methods that allow the student to develop independently.” 

Suha’s third sister studies marketing at the Bethlehem campus. “I got married before finishing my Tawjihi and did not even think about pursuing my education but Suha supported and encouraged me, helping me finish my Tawjihi with a high grade that enabled me to join any university. I chose Al-Quds Open University because my sisters were studying there. I had seen how they had benefited from the flexible system that allowed them to combine studying and work at home, in addition to the modern techniques that develop the students' skills. Al-Quds Open University has introduced knowledge and education to every home and family in Palestine.”