Al-Quds Open University

QOU, Al-Istiqlal and Prosecutor's Office organize the national conference entitled "The Scourge of Drugs in Palestine "Reality and Ways of confrontation/Intervention"

Published on: 29-12-2018


Under the auspices of Mr. President Mahmoud Abbas, QOU, Al-Istiqlal and Prosecutor’s Office in cooperation with Drug Enforcement Administration affiliated from the Police, Friends of Life Anti-Drug Society and Palestinian Organization for Criminal Sciences organized a conference entitled “The Scourge of Drugs in Palestine "Reality and Ways of confrontation/Intervention” on Monday 24/12/2018. The conference was held at Hazza bin Zayed theatre at Al-Istiqlal University and via video conference with QOU in Gaza Strip with participation of the HHousing Bank.

The conference was launched by verses of Holy Quran, followed by the national anthem and reading Al-Fatiha holy verses in memory of the souls of the martyrs with the presence of H.E. Minister of Local Government Dr. Hussain Al-araj, Prosecutor General Dr. Ahmed Barak, Al-Istiqlal University President Saleh Abu Isba’, QOU President Prof. Younis Amr, Drug Enforcement Administration Director Colonel Abdulla Eliwi, Friends of Life Anti-Drug Society Director Dr. Iyad Othman, national and Islamic forces representatives, members of QOU and Al-Istiqlal board of trustees, a number of judges and prosecutors, officers of Drug Enforcement Administration, vice presidents of both universities, deans of faculties and directors of branches, departments and centers.

The participants recommended in the conference’s final report -that was read by Dr. Netham Salahat- establishing free of charge governmental centers to treat and raise awareness towards drugs especially in the north of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and working on establishing a penal treatment institution to treat and rehabilitate drug addicts. The recommendations confirmed setting techniques to control the border areas and occupied Jerusalem and enhance citizens’ cooperation and civil society organizations aside with Drug Enforcement Administration to confront planting and promoting drugs.   

Scientific sessions

First session

The first session discussed three themes, the first one discussed “the role of civil society organizations in preventing and treating drugs”, the second session discussed “the role of religious discourse and religious, educational and social organizations in preventing drugs” and the third theme discussed “national, regional and international experiences in fighting against drugs”.

Second session

This session also discussed three themes, the first one entitled “the reality of the scourge of drugs in the Palestinian Community and its impact on the family and community and ways of protection and treatment”, the second theme entitled “health, psychological and social reasons, motivations and impact of drugs” and the third session entitled “legislative and legal reality to criminalize drugs in Palestine and the role of criminal justice agencies in confronting drugs”.