Al-Quds Open University

Under the (Erasmus+) projects... Business and economic research center organizes a workshop for experience exchange

Published on: 03-03-2018


The business and economic research center at QOU organized a workshop in cooperation with the deanship of the faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics. The workshop aims at transmitting the experiences and the knowledge of the faculty members who attended trainings at Huddersfield University in UK. The workshop came under the capacity-building project for the business and economic research centers in the Palestinian higher education institutes.

The workshop is in line with the center’s objectives in terms of enhancing the scientific research center and its applications among the faculty members, researchers and students.

The workshop discussed the importance of the scientific research and the role of the center in creating new research projects in cooperation with the higher education institutes, government organizations and the private sector.

On the margin of the workshop, new research groups were added to the previous research groups to encourage the cooperative work and the team spirit in the faculty of administrative sciences and economics.

Prof. Fat-hallah Ghanem presented his experience and knowledge acquired during his last training in the UK. Dr. Rania Al-Basir presented her experience and knowledge acquired at the same training.

Open discussion took place at the end of the workshop where the attendees interacted with the subjects.