Al-Quds Open University

The American University of Beirut honors a graduate of Al Quds Open University for the best youth initiative for rural development in the Arab region

Published on: 10-02-2018


The American University of Beirut honored Qais Hantash , Al Quds Open University- Faculty of Agriculture graduate for presenting  the best youth initiative for rural development . The initiative was presented as part of a workshop organized by the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science at the American University of Beirut. The workshop was organized in partnership with the Economic and Social Fund for Development, Arcenciel, Action Contre la Faim and Cooperation without Borders, under the theme Youth in Rural Development.


The workshop brought together 85 people from the private and public sectors, NGOs and civil society to highlight the role of young people in rural development and launch Rural Development Network (Rural Development and Entrepreneurship Forum) and related initiatives, Health Kitchens, Economic Development Forum in the North-East Bekaa’, and the Organic Ecological Agro Group.

Two of the presented initiatives were selected for their positive impact on rural community. The initiative of Qais Hantash, was one of the best initiatives. The initiative is about a TV program entitled "Small Projects" which was produced by Al-Quds Educational Channel of Al-Quds Open University.

Hantash thanked QOU, represented by its President Prof. Younes Amr, and the staff who assisted him in the implementation of his initiative, he commented “The idea was to design a TV program entitled “Small Projects " for (8) minutes, to highlight individual inspirational and creative initiatives, many of them in the field of rural development.  This was the beginning of cooperation between me as a graduate of the University and Al-Quds educational Channel, which carries a vision and commitment to the issues of the Palestinian community. The episodes were broadcasted via the University satellite channel and means of social communication.