Al-Quds Open University

QOU and journal of Turkish studies sign a cooperative protocol to hold the second international conference for social sciences

Published on: 22-01-2018


On 21/01/2018, QOU signed a cooperative protocol to hold the second international conference for social sciences that will take place on March of this year at Al-Quds University. The Turkish delegation visit is part of the preparations for the conference in which eleven Turkish universities and four Palestinian universities are participating.

Prof. Samir Al-Najdi, vice president for academic affairs from QOU and Mohammed Dorson Arom, chief of the journal of Turkish studies and head of the preparatory committee signed the protocol.

Dr. Eng. Imad Hodali, prof. Hasan Silwadi, prof. Husni Awad, Dr. Maen Sheqwarah, Dr. Majdi Zamil, Dr. Imad Shtiayeh, Dr. Yousef Abu Zir, Mr. Basim Ayoub, Mr. Ma'moun Al-Masri and Mr. Mahmoud Hawamdeh from QOU attended the meeting.  Asst. Prof. Oguzhan AYDIN-Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, Prof. Serkan YORGANCILAR-Gazi University from Gazi University and Mr. Jamal Ardim chairperson of the international association “Halal”.

Prof. Samir Al-Najdi welcomed the attendees, provided a brief about QOU educational process, and expressed QOU’s gratitude for this cooperation. Prof. Dorson, the head of the delegation thanked QOU mentioning that the Turkish universities are looking forward for more cooperation with the Palestinian universities; he also added that the Turkish government and people will continue in supporting the Palestinian people. The efforts to organize the conference were discussed and the attendees motivated the researchers to participate effectively.


Dr. Eng. Imad Hodali mentioned that QOU is seeking academic cooperation agreements with the Turkish universities that will participate in the conference.