Al-Quds Open University

QOU participates in a meeting with the Minister of Education and Higher Education to discuss The Research Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories (ROMOR)

Published on: 16-12-2017


Prof.  Husny Awad, Dean of Scientific Research, and Dr. Eng. Yousef Abu Zer,   Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences, participated in a meeting with HE Dr. Sabri Sidem, Minister of Education and Higher Education, to discuss cooperation in the field of managing The Research Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories (ROMOR) in Palestinian higher education institutions. The meeting was attended by Dr. Nidal Joyousi , head of the Palestinian-European Cooperation Mission (Erasmus +) and representatives of universities such as Birzeit, Khadouri and the  Islamic University.

Dr. Jayyousi affirmed that this project is one of the most important projects of (Erasmus +), calling for the need to build research repository at the national level to support this project, recommending the Ministry to adopt the establishment of research repository  to facilitate access to the outputs of scientific research at home and abroad.

In this context, Prof. Awad stressed that Al-Quds Open University has made quantum leaps in the field of digitizing the University's scientific production. He pointed to the University's Open Journal System, that the University recently launched related to the University's scientific refereed journals. It has the highest standards of quality and excellence. It contains a database of more than 1500 published research, and that the QOU is continuing to build the institutional digital repositories and open source information systems, which are among the most important forms of free access to information prevailing in the world today.

Dr. Abu Zer added that this project is a three years’ project that aims at providing better access to information in higher education institutions. The project also includes the opportunity to exchange students with European universities and faculty members.