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Delegated by President Abbas Prof. Younis Amr addresses the European Parliament on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Published on: 29-11-2017


On Monday, 27/11/2017 Fatah movement revolutionary council member and the President of QOU Prof. Younis Amr delivered a speech on behalf of HE President Mahmoud Abbas during a conference organized by the head and the members of the relations committee with Palestine in the European Parliament in Brussels with the attendance of the Palestinian ambassador in Belgium and the European Union Abdulrahim Al-Fara. Prof. Amr said during the conference entitled “50 years of the Israeli Occupation” that now is the time to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian state.

He added that the occupation is a stigma of Israel and the international community and those who support it since it is a violation of the Palestinian people freedom and rights. The international community should stop using a double standard policy.

Prof. Amr clarified in his speech that the UN, Security Council, Middle East Quartet and European Union have a legal, political, ethical and humanitarian responsibility to end the occupation and allow the Palestinian people to self-determination on their land, acquire their freedom and live in their independent sovereign state on 1967 borders and its capital is Jerusalem.

Prof. Amr appraised the European Union and its member states for their supportive positions and encouraged them to continue in making efforts to end the Israeli occupation and stopping settlements growth and apply the two states solution. He also asked the European Union member states who recognized the state of Israel on 1967 borders to stop its direct and indirect relations with the illegal colonial Israeli system in Palestine, and he encouraged the states who did not recognize the state of Palestine to do so in order to meet the equality and equity criteria.

Prof. Amr began his speech with delivering the Palestinian President greetings and the Palestinian leadership to Mr. Neoklis Sylikiotis, the head of the relations committee with Palestine in the European Parliament, the deputies representing the different political groups in the European Parliament, the diplomatic representatives in Brussels, European civil society representatives and the audience. He also delivered the greetings of the Palestinian people who look forward for the support of the Parliament to achieve their independence and freedom.

“The Palestinian people celebrate the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People after two days, on the 29th of November, which is celebrated on that date in the UN headquarters in New York, Geneva, Vienna, Paris and other capitals of the world” Said Prof. Amr. He also added that before seventy years, on 29 November 1947, the UN general assembly released resolution (181) known as the partition plan that aims at making two states in Palestine; the Israeli state was established but the Palestinian one was not recognized yet and the Palestinian people are still waiting. The Israeli state who is occupying Palestine was established in 1948 after it uprooted half of the Palestinian people from their land using force and terrorism and colonized a wide area of the Palestinian land. In addition, Israel occupied the rest of the Palestinian land in 1967 which is 22% of the historical Palestine that is the west bank, Gaza strip and east Jerusalem which resulted in 6 million Palestinians in the diaspora and destroying 418 towns and villages.  

He added that after seventy years of destroying Palestine and fifty years of occupying the rest of it, we are still waiting for the justice of the international community and we were positive towards all initiatives and efforts of the international community. The Palestinian people sacrificed and still sacrificing tens of thousands of martyrs besides the torture, suppression and detention in the Israeli prisons that stand on the Palestinian land and deny Palestinians from their basic rights including self- determination.    

“24 years passed after Oslo accord which should lead after 5 years to establishing the Palestinian independent state. From our side, we recognized the Israeli state on the 1967 borders but Israel is still rejecting to recognize these borders. It also continues in establishing the colonial settlements in our occupied land in a clear violation for the international law and the international humanitarian law, besides denying the two states solution and doing its best to avoid ending the occupation.” said Prof. Amr.  Moreover, he added; “it’s clear for you that ending the occupation of Palestine will participate effectively in fighting against terrorism phenomenon that appeared in our region and the whole world as terrorism movements will lose their alleged reasons to distribute their dark ideologies. We confirm that we always fight against terrorism regardless of its source and shape and we cooperate with the international community to get rid of it”.

Prof. Amr stated that the Palestinian President confirmed many times that peace is our goal and Palestine tried all possible ways to achieve it. We adopted the Arab peace initiative, after that the road map for peace that we fulfilled all commitments towards it. In addition to many other initiatives to save the peace process and the two states solution like; the French initiative, the Russian president initiative, the Chinese president initiative and the initiatives of the U.S. president Donald Trump, we hope that it will lead to a comprehensive peace that will end the conflict based on the international legitimacy decisions”.  He added; “despite all that, Israel is the occupation power who is not committed to the two states solution and continues on its oppression in the Palestinian lands in general and Jerusalem in particular, in addition to establishing settlements and rejecting all initiatives and solutions suggestions. One side cannot create peace”.

All the Israeli procedures in Palestine are illegal and does not have any legal status. Israel should stop playing in Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian holy places and should keep the historical and legal situation of these holy places especially Al-Aqsa mosque.

He also confirmed what the Palestinian president stated recently in New York: “the risk threatening our people rights and our national, political and physical existence in our land and threatens peace and security will lead us to take steps that will make Israel pay the price of its occupation. Alternatives should be found to save our rights and lands in front of the apartheid system that Israel is implementing in our land.

Our choice is to recall the international law, the international legitimacy, and the two states solution on 1967 borders. We gave many chances and we will provide them again to the U.S. president Donald Trump, the Middle East Quartet members, and the international community to achieve the two states solution and if all efforts fail, we will call for equal and full rights for the Palestinians living in historical Palestine regardless their religion, color, gender or race. We Palestinians Muslims and Christians do not have any issue with Jews as a religion but our issue is with the Israeli colonial occupation.

Internally, Prof. Amr stated that the building program is going well including building our national institutions and the infrastructure in our state according to the rule of law, in addition to women and youth empowerment from one side. On the other side, we continue in the reconciliation process and ending the division under the auspices of Egypt. We work on overcoming the obstacles that may face the government of national conciliation in taking its responsibilities in Gaza strip and west bank to reach one authority and one legitimate force.

By the end of his speech, Prof. Amr thanked the European Union and its member states, parliaments and every European person for the supporting positions towards the Palestinian people and for helping us in building our institutions and develop our economy. He said; “our people will always respect and appreciate you and we thank everyone who supports our people and our just cause. We highly appreciate the loyal efforts of every one of you hoping to celebrate the day when the Israeli occupation come to an end”.

He thank the Palestinian ambassador in Brussels and the European Union Abdulrahim Al-Fara and deputies of the European parliament for organizing this session to support the Palestinian people in requesting their right to freedom and independence. He also mentioned that president Abbas delegated Prof. Amr Fatah movement revolutionary council member and the President of QOU to deliver the speech on his behalf at your respected parliament indicating that Palestine will continue its peaceful struggle to end the occupation.

Mr. Neoklis Sylikiotis, head of the relations committee with Palestine in the European parliament said that the European parliament supports the right of the Palestinian people to freedom and independence and organizing this session is in solidarity with the Palestinian people and confirming the importance of ending the occupation and building the Palestinian independent state.