Al-Quds Open University

QOU holds a workshop on Research Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories in higher education institutions

Published on: 20-11-2017

Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences at Al-Quds Open University, in collaboration with the Deanship of Scientific Research and the Open Learning Center at the University, held a workshop entitled “Research Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories in higher education institutions" at the University's headquarters in Al-Balou’ in Ramallah, and with Gaza through video conference.

The workshop is part of the recommendations of the ROMOR project, funded by the EU-supported Erasmus+ program, to hold a workshop on Research Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories in higher education institutions.

Prof. Samir Najdi mentioned that the University is partner with Erasmus Plus in 3 projects supported by the European Union, including the ROMOR project. The university obtained a number of international awards in the field of open educational resources  courses, pointing out that faculty members and researchers need continuous training in the field of open access to sources of information, and this project is also important to the University in general.

Al-Najdi explained that European Erasmus+  projects are research projects that include partnerships with local, regional and European universities, and their advantage is that they give a chance for people to communicate with colleagues from homeland and  abroad and to learn about international research experiences.

Dean of Scientific Research, Prof.  Hosny Awad added that these open sources enable authors and publishers to reach the largest number of beneficiaries who can easily access their sources, use them, share ideas and create the appropriate scientific setting. He also pointed out that Al-Quds Open University has adopted an open resource system for scientific journals to provide access to all published scientific research without financial or legal restrictions, and these open systems are expected to make promising future for scientific publishing at universities.

The Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences Dr. Yousef Abu Zer said that this workshop aims at building the capacity of faculty members, researchers and relevant centers at the university to manage the results of scientific research in Jerusalem and to build a digital repository for the storage and management of scientific research at QOU.

Dr. Abu Zer said that the workshop is an introduction to a training that will be presented by the Europeans at the beginning of next year based on the needs of the University, which were discussed in previous workshops. This workshop will provide participants with a language of understanding of the terms and concepts in accessible digital repositories.

Abu Zer added that the project includes the opportunity of exchange students and faculty members with European universities. This semester, 2 of the university students are studying in  Parma in Italy for one semester, and next semester another two students will join Parma university for one semester while next year, 4 students of QOU will travel to Vienna to spend one semester TU Wien, Vienna, Austria..

The Director of the Open Education Center at Al Quds Open University, Mr. Baha Thabet talked  about  the strategies, standards and management of scientific research published and available for use, pointing to the need to develop a strategy to achieve the objectives of research through the identification of goals and understanding of the current location of educational institutions, as well as the situation to be reached. He also spoke of the need to develop a business model diagram and data management planning.

Mr. Salameh Qarariah from the Library Department, Mr. Jad Fraij from the Technical Production Center and Mr. Kmail Zaid from Deanship of Scientific Research provided their interventions during the workshop.