Al-Quds Open University

Russian Ambassador to Palestine visits Al Quds Open University and discusses ways of cooperation

Published on: 14-11-2017

On Tuesday 14/11/2017, President Prof. Younis Amr and the head of the board of trustees of QOU Eng. Adnan Samara welcomed the Russian ambassador to Palestine Dr. Haidar Rashid Aghatin in the headquarter of the university in Ramallah.

Both sides discussed ways of cooperation between Palestinian and Russian universities, the guest was introduced to the development of QOU and had a tour of Al-Quds Educational Satellite Chanel in Ramallah and Al-bireh branch.

Eng. Samara and Prof. Amr welcomed the Russian delegation and introduced them to the successes and developments of the QOU mentioning that it’s becoming one of the biggest universities in Palestine where 40% of the higher education students belong.

Prof. Amr clarified that QOU belongs to the PLO that was established based on the needs of the Palestinian people to educational institutes under the occupation policies that aim at creating obstacles in the educational process through closing the universities, QOU was able to provide education despite the occupations challenges.   

Prof. Amr also clarified that QOU was established before two and a half decades and was developed under the support of the Palestinian national authority, the Palestinian people and the dedicated presidents of QOU and currently the university has 20 branches; 5 in Gaza Strip and 15 in the West Bank. The number of students enrolled is increasing each year and in the year of 2017, 17 thousands students are enrolled.

Dr. Haidar Rashid Aghatin stated that the positive Russian positions towards Palestine will continue in the future and President Putin supports the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people represented by establishing the Palestinian state. He also declared that Russia seeks to activate the cooperation in the different fields including the academic cooperation with the Palestinian universities. He also clarified that the Russian position towards Palestine have not been changed for 5 decades. Russia supported the PLO in the UN as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and also recognized the independence declaration in Algeria in 1988, the representative office of Russian in Palestine was transfored into an embassy and now Palestine is a state that has an embassy in Moscow.

Dr. Aghatin assured the importance of the academic cooperation in the work of the Russian Palestinian governmental committee to make the communications between the Russian and the Palestinian universities under the governmental cover and said the the academic cooperation is a direct one through the Russian Palestinian governmental committee.

Dr. Mohammed Najajreh, the head of the Russian Palestinian Academic Organization expressed his gratitude for the cooperation with QOU mentioning that 140 scholarships were awarded for Palestinian students in graduate and undergraduate levels in Russian. He also declared that the first international conference will be held in March in order to enhance the Russian Palestinian cooperation and QOU will be part of it.

The visit was concluded by a tour of Ramallah and Al-bireh branch and the Russian delegation was impressed by the open learning system of QOU.