Al-Quds Open University

QOU participates in the International Symposium of Education and Values (ISOEVA) in Turkey

Published on: 16-10-2017


Al-Quds Open University concluded its active participation in the International Symposium of Education and Values (ISOEVA) in Turkey, which was organized by the Turkish University of Mersin and held in Bodrum.

Mr. Mahmoud Hawamdeh, Director of the Center for Continuing Education and Community Service, represented QOU and delivered a speech at the opening of the Symposium, in which he talked about the reality of education in Palestine and the role of the Turkish government in supporting our people to achieve their legitimate rights.

On the other hand, Hawamdeh gave a presentation on the role of open education in promoting values in Palestine, and the role of Al Quds Open University in promoting national values, social justice, social responsibility and voluntary work.

The participants recommended that the final report of the forum should be translated into three languages: English, Turkish and Arabic, and that Al Quds Open University takes the responsibility of translating the report into Arabic and circulates it to the relevant Arab institutions.