Al-Quds Open University

QOU participates in the International Forum on Open Educational Resources (OER)

Published on: 01-10-2017

Al-Quds Open University participated in the International Forum on Open Educational Resources (OER) that was held in Slovenia at the invitation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The University was represented by Dr. Eng. Islam Amr, Assistant to the President of the University for Technology and Production Affairs, and Prof.  Maria Farajaki, the University's advisor on education techniques.

Dr. Eng Islam Amr commented, “The University was invited by (UNESCO) to participate in the work of the International Forum on Open Educational Resources (OER), which is an important global forum that is an extension of UNESCO's effort to develop the concept of open educational resources around the world." Amr added: "This second forum comes five years after the first forum which was held in the French capital Paris, attended by representatives of the educational sectors from the five continents, in addition to forty ministers of higher education, who came from around the world, including the State of Palestine. Dr. Eng. Amr pointed out the importance of open educational resources as it provides a deep, interactive, e-learning content that regulates the process of dealing with the laws of the content such as copyright and use. Many people around the world, including UNESCO, believe that copyright and intellectual property laws restrict the spread of knowledge and this international effort is aimed at increasing the proportion of open educational resources material in terms of property rights with the possibility of reuse, depending on terms and licenses that the content compiler can modify and develop.

It is worth mentioning that QOU is a pioneer in the field of open educational resources  and it launched (, a site specialized in the dissemination of educational videos on various topics, and also launched (Qslideshere.qou. edu), which publishes lectures in an open resource method in addition to  many other sites that carry the same attribute.