Al-Quds Open University

QOU and Gernata College renew their cooperation agreement

Published on: 24-09-2017



Al-Quds Open University and the Gernata College  renewed their cooperation agreement for a period of four years. The University will provide educational services in which students from the 48 occupied areas will be granted a bachelor's degree in various specializations.

    The agreement was signed at the Headquarters of the University of Al Quds Open University in Ramallah in the presence of Prof.  Younes Amr, President of QOU and Dr. Taha Emira, Dean of Faculty of Granada.

The students are committed to the plans and curricula applied by the university in various specializations and through open learning method, which is adopted, by the university.

Students enrolled in QOU through Faculty of Granada are subject to the University's assessment system in terms of examinations and any other requirements approved by the University.

This agreement applies to all students enrolled in Al Quds Open University through the Faculty of Granada. Granada can open registration centers in the areas it considers convenient to introduce the students to the provided educational services.