Springer International publishes a book on Cyber security with the participation of QOU

Published on: 29-08-2017


 Springer International Publisher recently published a book entitled “Data Analytics and Decision Support for Cyber Security”. The book includes a chapter by Dr. Eng. Yousuf Sabbah, Doctor of Networks and Information Security at the Faculty  of Technology and Applied Sciences, Director of Quality Department  at the University, entitled “ Security of Online Examinations”, which deals with two models for online authentication and remote exam monitoring to detect and prevent cases of impersonation and fraud, one based on the presence of an observer at the other end within an interactive virtual environment, while the other automatically discovers cases of identity theft and fraud, recognition of the identity of the examiner using continuous random authentication through video analysis and matching, as well as facial recognition and fingerprint, printing properties on the keyboard.

It is noteworthy that Springer is one of the largest publishers in the world.  The book can be downloaded from the following link: