Al-Quds Open University

QOU participates in a workshop and meetings of the Romor (Erasmus) project in Italy

Published on: 06-06-2017

 Al-Quds Open University, represented by Dr. Eng. Yousef Abu Zir, Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences, Prof. Husni Awad, Dean of Scientific research and Mr. Baha’ Thabet, Director of the Open Learning Center (OLC), participated in the Educational Material Preparation Workshop in the EU-funded ROMOR project, which was held at the University of (PARMA), Italy, from 15 to 17 May 2017.

The workshop focused on the preparations for the training and the educational material on open access to digital repositories in higher education institutions. The workshop was held after identifying the needs of Palestinian universities participating in the project in the field of "Managing the output of scientific research in institutions of higher education", which was presented and discussed in a special workshop At Birzeit University on 20/4-2017.

On the first day of the workshop, the participants discussed the vocational training program, which targets academic, administrative and technical staff in IT departments, libraries and scientific research. Topics and training courses to be offered by European partners to Palestinian partner universities were also discussed. During the first session, Dr. Eng. Yousef Abu Zer, provided a presentation on the training needs of QOU based on the analysis, questionnaires and interviews conducted earlier with technicians from the ICTC, faculty members, library staff, Dean of Scientific Research and Director of the Open Learning Center.

On the second day of the workshop, participants discussed the description and content of the educational courses that will be added to the study plans to be offered in Palestinian partner universities, both in the bachelor's and master's degrees. The academic exchange program for faculty and students was also discussed. Dr. Eng Yousef Abu Zer offered an overview of the bachelor's degree programs in the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences and the courses that contain a material related to the management of digital content.

On the second day Dr. Eng. Yousef Abu Zer presented an overview of the bachelor's degree program in the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences and the courses that are related to the management of digital content.

On the third day, the participants discussed some of the administrative details of the schedule and venues of the project coordinators' meetings at the partner universities, as well as the mechanism of the periodic reports, which the project have to prepare.

Prof. Hosny Awad provided a presentation on digitizing the scientific research process and the outputs in the Deanship of Scientific Research, while Mr. Baha Thabet gave a presentation on Open Learning Resources at Al Quds Open University.